About SnapNation

Information When & Where You Need It

The world has gone digital. Where it’s gone digital, it’s going mobile and mobile video. SnapNation is the mobile division of CGI Communications, a video marketing and communications company who’s worked with over 4 thousand communities and chambers of commerce across the country for more than 30 years. Creating a national platform for community and business video, the Snap Video Network is your tell-all, video solution for all things community. Benefitting from our startup, entrepreneurial culture with the support of a well-established, reputable, and technologically leading company, we constantly reinvent ourselves while continuing to make thousands of connections across the country.

SnapNation is your community and business mobile app. Showcasing your community within a revolutionary 3D Map interface, each SnapNation community/business app creates endless mobile opportunity for you and your community. Through a triad of products: SnapVideo, beacon technology, and 3D Google mapping, SnapNation creates a network of connected smart businesses, locations, and events, keeping SNAP users informed and engaged. SnapNation has the answer for your every sidewalk search.


Residents are updated on local weather, emergencies, and upcoming happenings within the community.


Local consumers are informed of the latest sales promotions and product offerings from local business.


Visitors of the community will effortlessly learn about everything your town has to offer.

How Does SnapNation Work?

SnapNation applies the concepts of instant, real-time mobile notification messaging. Through strategically placed beacons, SnapNation utilizes Bluetooth technology to send mobile notifications to SNAP users who are within the geo-fenced proximity. Users walking by a beacon receive relevant information without having to do any work. This takes the concept of sidewalk search to a whole new level. Whether it’s a community business, location, or event, messages containing news, information, promotions, and updates are sent instantly to the phone of every user.


Businesses can send timely sales promotions and product advertisements to drive sidewalk traffic through their doors.

Community Location

Whether a distinct landmark, park, or school, community locations can inform users of recent updates, newsworthy items, or provide users with basic location information that they need to know.


Every community has annual gatherings to promote community pride. Through SnapNation, event-goers can be notified of itineraries, event updates, business sponsor information, and timely messages. The capabilities are endless. Think a business would want to be promoted through an event notifications?

With SnapNation, the possibilities are truly endless.

SnapNation is the most direct way to connect to people on a local level. It creates a circle where residents, businesses, and the city at large are joined together.

We are all competing on the digital landscape. We all want to share our information and get people excited about our new business or next event. We all want to have fun and get involved.

Today, we know two things to be true about advertising: you have to get the attention of large groups of people, and you have to attract them on their phones. SnapNation grabs attention where and when people are ready; when they’re absorbed in sidewalk search behavior. That’s what we all want as consumers: to be targeted by engaging content in a way that’s convenient for us.

So, why SnapNation? We have the assurances and backing of a distinguished and reputable 30 year marketing company. We’re the only company to license with Google for a private label version of their 3D mapping technology. We’re the only company that works with local governments, organizations, businesses, and people.

Why SnapNation?

At SnapNation, we don’t want to be better, we want to be different. And if our different is better, then we win.

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