Alton Baird

Alton Baird

Community Ambassador

Alton Baird graduated from Loyola University with a bachelor’s degree in finance. He is a nationally recognized public speaker and has appeared on Lifetime TV. He has owned and managed businesses for over 20 years. As a sales and marketing professional, Alton has developed a client base of over 25 Fortune 500 clients including McDonald’s, Chase Bank, Allstate, Xerox, and many others. Alton has extensive experience in sales and marketing, working with small to medium-sized businesses, and is well versed in communications and technology. He is keenly excited to be a part of the CGI mobile division, SnapNation, and is working with the recruiting department at CGI to build a top performing sales team.

Alton has extensive experience in the mobile video and communications arena, as well as experience in working with city, state, and federal government entities. In addition, he has worked with many chambers of commerce and non-profits. He is a people person and loves building and nurturing professional relationships of all shapes and sizes.

Areas of Experience:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Video Production
  • Mobile Content Development
  • Wireless Technology

As a former college quarterback, Alton continues to stay active in sports and loves to immerse himself in building opportunities. He has a true win-win spirit that permeates everything he does.

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