About SnapNation

Information When & Where You Need It

The world has gone digital. Where it’s gone digital, it’s going mobile and mobile video. SnapNation is the mobile division of CGI Communications, a video marketing and communications company who’s worked with over 4 thousand communities and chambers of commerce across the country for more than 30 years. Creating a national platform for community and business video, the Snap Video Network is your tell-all, video solution for all things community. SnapNation is your community connected mobile video app. The SnapApp creates endless opportunity for users to capture ‘mobile marketing’ video moments, creating a network of connected businesses, locations, and events, keeping users informed and engaged. SnapNation is the answer to every sidewalk search, nationwide!

Residents are updated on local weather, emergencies, and upcoming happenings within the community.


Local consumers are informed of the latest sales promotions and product offerings from local business.


Visitors of the community will effortlessly learn about everything your town has to offer.


Businesses can send timely sales promotions and product advertisements to drive sidewalk traffic through their doors.

Community Location

Whether a distinct landmark, park, or school, community locations can inform users of recent updates, newsworthy items, or provide users with basic location information that they need to know.


Every community has annual gatherings to promote community pride. Through SnapNation, event-goers can be notified of itineraries, event updates, business sponsor information, and timely messages. The capabilities are endless. Think a business would want to be promoted through an event notifications?

With SnapNation, the possibilities are truly endless.

CGI Partners

The United States Conference of Mayors
URL: www.usmayors.org
National League of Cities
URL: www.nlc.org

Premier Corporate Member

National Association of Counties
URL: www.naco.org