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SnapNation is an experience focused on innovation and information accessibility. We care deeply about promoting and driving people to your communities and businesses, creating thriving, connected cities. Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? SnapNation has a startup culture while having the resources and support of a 30-year-old, well-established company. With SnapNation, you have opportunities to grow, move up, and learn. Along the way, you will be helping clients and making connections across the country. Want to join the team? Check out the job openings below!

Community Directors

Over the last 20 years, SnapNation’s parent company, CGI Communications, has been one of America’s leading producers of print and digital content. With 5000+ clients across all 50 states, we continually see unprecedented growth in new markets. We’ve partnered with over 200,000 businesses nationwide to help them get their proper message to their desired clientele; and with over 4,000 community organizations including chambers, town halls, rotary clubs, small business organizations, towns, and cities, we have strong, established community partnerships across the country. Read the full description here