Community Directors

Join One of the Fastest Growing Private Media Companies in the Country

Over the last 20 years, SnapNation’s parent company, GGI Communications, has been one of America’s leading producers of print and digital content. With 5000+ clients across all 50 states, we continually see unprecedented growth in new markets. We’ve partnered with over 200,000 businesses nationwide to help them get their proper message to their desired clientele; and with over 4,000 community organizations including chambers, town halls, rotary clubs, small business organizations, towns, and cities, we have strong, established community partnerships across the country.

Businesses love to work with us because we allow them to target their desired clientele directly where they’re engaged, their cell phones. Communities love us because we provide them a relevant medium to disseminate their information to their desired participants. It’s a perfect match brought together by mobile technology! By partnering with SnapNation, a local business has the ability to have their message consistently seen by prospective clients on a medium which is being seen by more people than any other medium that exists on their cell phone.

Our Community Director team focuses their efforts on building relationships with the businesses and community leaders while SnapNation handles all of the design, layout, and delivery of content involved with getting the app properly setup and operating. Your focus will include: Meeting with 20+ customers per week explaining product through a short presentation. Utilizing networking and referrals to build additional client base Practicing honesty and integrity in all business relations. Leaning on one’s own personality and demeanor while using a proven methodology.

In addition to a world-class training, other benefits include: Making a measurable difference in the community by bringing businesses, community leaders, and residents closer together. The ability to set and create your own schedule. Being a part of an award-winning company culture that is dynamic, driven, and positive. Working within a recession-proof, high-growth niche industry A unique and stable income model that allows Community Directors to earn as much or as little as they want with rapid advancement opportunities.

The ideal candidate should be

  • Entrepreneurial minded – someone who is excited about growing themselves and their business
  • Interpersonal skills – someone who can have a solid conversation with a potential business partner. While no prior experience in sales is necessarily required, the majority of our team members have had years of experience in B2B sales or direct presentation-based sales positions.

  • Although there is a tremendous amount of upside to this opportunity, including personal freedom and life flexibility, this position is not for everyone and it does require commitment and diligence while building the book of business over the first year. However, for those who are a fit for SnapNation, the lifestyle and financial opportunity easily outweigh the challenges.

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